Custom Solution: Monitoring and Control

Project background

One of our customers wanted a solution that will speed up the production, monitor key processes and enable quality reporting. Because the production often resulted with products that were defected or don’t satisfy quality standards, the goal was to monitor key parameters and use this information to optimize its production with an online production management system.

Why this solution

Since the production process is very specific, a solution was required that can be fully adapted to eliminate problems and make production more efficient. Together with equipping each forging machine with the appropriate equipment, a custom specific software was developed, so that the plant staff can get quickly insight into key production values and modify production lines according to real time data.

Benefits and results for the client

With a custom system in place, the plant users can focus on key performance indicators like number of perfect and faulty products. Each of the machine can be monitored and analyzed with respect to temperature levels, norm, successful rate, errors including intuitive graphic presentation of historical values. The machine data can be used to give production orders in the same interface or to print out materials that contain bar codes which can be used to start or modify the production on the machine directly. Finally, a custom report is generated that shows production information important for the managers.

Forging Factory / Slovenia

22 forging machines

wirelessly monitored

Production control

machines can be stopped and started in online interface

Efficient production

key machine parts and products are controlled