Expert Motor Condition Monitoring

Project background

The 300 MW plant began operating in 1983, and is owned and operated by Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske. It is a supercritical power station and sources 1.8 million tones of lignite coal a year from the nearby Gacko coal mine, which is operated by Gacko Mine and Power. In 2015 an agreement was made with China’s Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) for the construction of a new 350 MW unit at Gacko plant.

Why this solution

A public tender was released with the purpose of protecting critical production motors that increase the availability of these machines. The reason behind this is to assure high safety of the overall production process, because operational issues of the motors can impact the work of the main generator, which in the end can make a big damage to the production.

Benefits and results for the client

By equipping critical motors with condition monitoring system, the operator receives full overview of key parameters like vibrations, relative shaft displacement, speed of rotation, magnetic field and temperature levels. This means that serious motor failures such as rotor broken bars, cage ring damages, rotor eccentricity, bearing damages and others can be detected much before normal production operation is jeopardized, this leaving enough time to optimize the maintenance periods.

Gacko / Bosnia and Hercegovina

300 MW

of installed capacity

750 mil. €

value of the plant expansion

1,500 GWh

annual generation


original commission year