Machine Condition Monitoring

Project background

The Chaparral project will boast an 87.5m-high dam and two Francis type turbines, which will use water from the Torola river. The dam’s maximum capacity will be 189Mm3. It will have average production of 66MW, equivalent to the consumption of approximately 200,000 families. Work on the dam was suspended in 2010 after the Agatha storm, and the Italian building company abandoned the project.

Why this solution

KONČAR Group was rewarded the project together with ČKD Blansko Holding from Czech Republic. The scope of the delivery are two generators with 36 MVA power that should be monitored and assessed continuously by the local operator – Comisión Ejecutiva Hidreléctrica del Río Lempa (CEL).

Benefits and results for the client

In order to preserve the generator value, the requirements of the tender will be completely fulfilled with machine condition monitoring system. The scope of monitoring includes full range of expert tools for easy access and data analysis on site and remotely. The measuring values include vibration monitoring, air gap and partial discharge that will be integrated in one customer interface in order to obtain key data in a user friendly way.

El Chaparral / El Salvador

66 MW

of planned installed capacity

290 mil. €

Value of the project


Households powered


Planned commission year