Small Hydro Condition Monitoring

Project background

Pamilo Hydro Power Plant is located in Palovaara, Karelia, in the south east of Finland. It is the tenth-largest power plant in Finland. The total installed capacity is 89 MW (2 x Francis turbine of 34 MW and 1 x Francis turbine). It is notable for being Vattenfall’s largest hydroelectric power plant in Finland.

Why this solution

KONČAR Group has performed revitalization, installation of new stator and reinsulation of the poles on one of the units that has 34 MW capacity. The customer used the occasion to upgrade its plant with state-of-the-art monitoring system and protect its investment against unplanned outages, as well as to prolong the lifetime of the plant. The compact solution allows monitoring of key parts such as upper and lower generator bearing and turbine bearing.

Benefits and results for the client

Condition monitoring of small hydro plants is extremely important due to the fact that the plants are usually located outside of urban area. The solution monitors key functions and common problems that may cause malfunctions. With the possibility of accessing data from any location in the world, the stakeholders can rely on the system and be sure that the plant is secure through advanced functions like alarm setting, real time trends, early fault detection and automatically generated reports.

HPP Pamilo / Finland

89 MW

of installed capacity

6,550 km²

catchment area

256 GWh

Annual generation


Commission year