Rotating Machines

Laboratory for rotating machines and electrical drives perform all kinds of tests of magnetic materials, conductors, and insulations:

Brochure: Laboratory for rotating machines and electrical drives


Thermal Cycle Testing

As a part of the Laboratory, we have a chamber for Thermal Cycling Tests according to IEEE 1310. We can perform thermal cycle tests for all types of bars and form-wound coils and all types of insulation. The thermal cycling test is automated and computer-controlled. The temperature of the samples is measured all over the chamber. Special care is taken on uniform temperature distribution during heating and cooling. The Laboratory is equipped with a power source to provide current to all cross-sections of bars and coils. Cooling is performed by controlled fans.

Brochure: Thermal Cycle Test

Testing of magnetic materials used in rotating machines

Materials testing is often required to ensure that products and their components can perform for their intended use and endure for their expected life. Materials testing provides information that helps adequately determine the root cause of material failure. Our laboratory provides all the answers you need to make business decisions about the quality of your products and processes.

Brochure: Testing of Magnetic Materials

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