Physical and chemical testing

Laboratory for physical and chemical testing has more than 65 years of experience in specialized tests of physical and chemical properties of materials for electrotechnical applications.

Also, the laboratory has more than 30 years of experience in the development and diagnostic of physical, chemical, and dielectric tests of transformer oil and paper for assessment of the condition of the transformer insulating system.

In the last two decades, the basic activity of the Laboratory is the testing of insulating liquids and paper for electrical insulation in accordance with the requirements of national and international standards (HRN, EN, IEC, ISO, ASTM).


Technical capabilities

  • Physical, chemical and dielectric properties of insulating oils
  • Oxidation stability of insulating oils
  • Chromatographic analysis of gases dissolved in transformer oil
  • Assessment of the remaining life of the oil
  • Determination of the degree of possible oil purification
  • Physical and chemical testings of electrically insulating paper
  • Determination of the degree of polymerization of paper (DP)
  • The water content of oil and paper (KF coulometric titration method)
  • Determination of furan derivatives in transformer oil by HPLC method
  • Compatibility tests of various materials used in transformer with transformer oil
  • Infrared spectroscopic analysis of oil
  • Testing of rubber sealing materials

Laboratory has the capacity to test the following materials

  • Mineral oil for transformers and cables
  • Synthetic and natural esters (vegetable oil) for transformers
  • Silicone oil for transformers
  • Electrically insulating paper and press paper
  • Laminated paper and wood
  • Rubber sealing materials
  • Electrically insulating tapes


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