Power electronics and electrical drives

The main activities of the laboratory are different standards or specific developmental, research, and type tests of:

Test facilities and laboratory equipment

  • source AC 440V, 50/60Hz, 400kW
  • source AC 300A, 760V
  • source DC 600V – 4200V, 200kW
  • source 1ph AC 25kV, 50Hz, 1MVA
  • 60 kVA regenerative grid simulator (CHROMA 61860), intended for GCC testing; characteristics: 1ph/3ph, output voltage 0-300Vac, output frequency up to100Hz; voltage dips, short interruption, and LVRT simulation; arbitrary voltage waveform synthesis
  • solar array simulator, adjustable I-V characteristic, 0-1000Vdc, 0-210A, 210kW
  • 400kW load (DC rotating machine), 1500/3000rpm
  • R/L water load
  • back-to-back converter testing
  • accredited EMC laboratory
  • large walk-in climate chamber (4900 x 3300 x 3200mm, -45°C – + 100°C).

List of most frequently used standards and norms

  • rotating machines: EN 60034, EC 60072
  • power electronics: IEC/TS 62578, IEC 62477, IEC 62040-1
  • electric power drive systems: IEC 61800
  • PV power inverters: EN 61683, EN 62109, EN 60146, EN 62446, IEC/TS 62578
  • railway applications: EN 50121, EN 50155, IEC 61287, EN 61373, IEC 61377-1, IEC 61377-3.


In cooperation with other laboratories, we offer environmental testing of various power electronics stated equipment using the available test facilities as testbeds.

Some of the examples:

Walk-In Climate Chamber


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