Monitoring of electromagnetic fields

The system of permanent monitoring of electromagnetic field radiation for all important frequencies.


Electromagnetic field monitoring system - MEP provides a sense of security thanks to publicly available information that eliminates suspicion of radiation levels, at any time of the day, by reviewing the monitoring results of individual frequency bands and overall calculations through a customized application.

MEP is an autonomous system that can be set up at any location.

The system consists of an isotropic antenna for measuring all 3 axes, spectrum analyzer, GSM modems and a software application that receives data and displays it in a user – friendly form.


MEP characteristics:

The measurement station, through the spectral analyzer and antenna, measures and processes the level of electromagnetic fields in a predefined frequency range in real-time. The result is the sum of electromagnetic fields across all frequency bands (FM, TV, TETRA, GSM, DCS, UMTS, WIFI ...).

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