Special power converters

KonLab series are high power lab converters used as a power supply for a variety of different three phase loads. KonLab series converters is a version with 120 kVA nominal power output. Its output voltage and frequency can be easily and independently adjusted using intuitively designed HMI.

KonLab modular hardware and software platform is developed to be highly flexible which provides an easy adjustment to customers needs in terms of different power outputs, different communication interfaces, various control mode parameters: e.g. voltage, current, power, and frequency.

CAN, RS485 and Ethernet communication interfaces are available (others on request), as well as optional remote access.

Front side consists of number of push-buttons, signal lights and touchscreen LCD panel (7‘’ or larger on request), used for setup and monitoring of one or more converters.

KonLab signalization can be integrated into the existing laboratory (safety) signalization system. One of the special features available on request is a low noise operating mode, which improves quality of work environment.


  • 3-phase, variable voltage and frequency output with high resolution adjustments
  • High output power 120 kVA (other power ratings on request)
  • Multiple operating modes
  • Galvanic isolation of loads
  • High efficiency power conversion (over 90%)
  • Very low output voltage THD (<3%)
  • Robust mechanical design
  • High reliability and easy maintenance
  • 7” or larger HMI interface for control and local monitoring purposes
  • Remote control and monitoring available
  • Overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature protection
  • Integration into laboratory safety signalization and control systems
  • Low noise

HW&SW protection of vital components

KonLab comes with hardware and software based protection on AC input and output to ensure prevention from explosions, fire or other damage that may affect converter’s components during the operation or cause injuries to operators. Protection status and converter operation status is shown on HMI, signal lights and additional signal tower, if installed. All statuses can be forwarded to consoles for remote operation or to a higher-level (SCADA) system via MODBUS (RTU/TCP) or CAN connection. Operating errors are stored locally, in form of long term and scope-like short term recordings.

Noise reduction

Several techniques are used to reduce noise of KonLab converter. Critical components are put on rubber buffers. Cooling air (intake and exhaust) can bi ducted outside of the laboratory, where the converter is installed.

Speed of cooling fans is controlled depending on ambient temperature, temperature of critical components and load current.

Signalization and remote control

On request, converter’s signalization system can be integrated into the existing laboratory safety signalization system. It is configurable according to the customer needs. Number of converter push-buttons and signal lights is also configurable.

On request, converter can be installed on remote location and equipped with a number of remote control consoles.

Converter can also be integrated with „high level” (SCADA/data acquisition) systems.

Human-Machine Interface

Human-Machine Interface is used for control and monitoring of converter operation. It contains a number of screens, but number of screens, layout and functions can be fully customized or changed at any time according to customer needs. Preprogrammed voltage/frequency operating sequences are also available on request.

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