Partial discharge measurement and monitoring system

Single solution for most important dielectric insulation condition assessments

Insulation plays a key role in every asset in power generation, transmission, or distribution. In the majority of cases, the lifetime of an asset is defined by its insulation state. Failure of insulation is very often accompanied by fire or explosion which leads to heavy damage to the asset itself and nearby objects. This leads to significant expenses due to damage to assets and reduced availability. Every asset manager wants to minimize the risks of such events and keep maintenance expenses as low as possible.

Partial discharge activity is the earliest sign of deterioration or defects in transformers, generators, motors, or cables. It is present well in advance of failure. By detecting or monitoring it, scheduled maintenance can be planned and catastrophic events avoided. 

iPDCore provides insight into the insulation state by measuring partial discharge activity. It comes with a vast portfolio of accessories and sensors that enable the measurement of every asset. Its state-of-the-art processing algorithms provide reliable measurement results and unparalleled real-time processing performance.

iPDCore Solution

iPDCore is one solution for all types of partial discharge measurements. Built upon rugged hardware, it can be used for indoor and outdoor applications and measurements on every type of electrical asset such as transformers, HV cables, generators, and motors. iPDCore is a fully digital instrument characterized by synchronous, wide range and bandwidth acquisition and innovative processing algorithms. It utilizes innovative DSync technology used for noise suppression and PD source separation.

Intuitive configuration and visualization using iPDViewer
Real-time data processing and high-speed connectivity interfaces enable fluent and eye-friendly visualization of PD measurements. Each instrument is equipped with a default Gigabit Ethernet interface and an optional Wi-Fi Interface. High-resolution PRPD patterns or clusters are simultaneously generated for all channels at a very high frame rate.


Extension Modules for complete monitoring or laboratory automation solution
iPDCore can easily be upgraded with voltage/current, RTD, or digital input and output modules to form a complete monitoring solution for every type of asset or to automate laboratory measurements. It is an integral part of the transformer monitoring system Končar TMS as well as the rotating machines monitoring system Končar MCM. iPDCore is also successfully implemented as a platform for the automation of laboratory measurements.

Find out more information in the brochure:

iPDCore Brochure

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