Since January 1, 2011, INDOC, together with other libraries from the Zagreb University and scientific institutions, participates in the Integrated Library System based on Aleph – a joint library programme, whose executing agency is the National and University Library in Zagreb

Thanks to the System, the on-line catalogue of the books from holdings of INDOC – Library of KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute, as well as catalogues of other libraries in the System, are available via a joint platform.

The implementation of the project Croatian Scientific Information Network – Natural Sciences began in 1995, and INDOC participated in it from the very beginning. The project was financed by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology, and technical support was provided by CARNet. 27 important libraries were included in the project, and their holdings covered natural sciences in part or in full. The project is no more active, but it is possible to search on-line catalogues of each individual library and the joint holdings of all the libraries that participated in the project.

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