14th International Exhibition of Innovations ARCA 2016

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Innovators from Croatia, Poland, Romania, Iran, China, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia presented 180 innovations at the 14th International Exhibition of Innovations ARCA 2016 held from 20 to 22 October 2016 in the National and University Library in Zagreb. KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute also presented an innovation, and was awarded Gold Medal for it.

The Medal was awarded to the development team of KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute for the innovation „Central PV Inverter KonSol-200”.

KonSol-200 is a high-power power electronics converter with flexible (modular) construction, advanced PV field monitoring and smart grid capabilities. Inverter is developed on in-house modular embedded hardware platform, software and power components. In the shown configuration, inverter connects PV fields with voltage of up to 1000Vdc with low voltage AC grid and can produce up to 200kW. It is appropriate for PV power plants on top of larger residential buildings, shopping malls, industrial plants and similar objects, and also large-scale PV power plants.