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On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the first Institute, and the 20th anniversary of the newly founded Institute, the monograph “50 Years of Applied Scientific Research and Development in Electrical Engineering” by Stjepan Car was issued. It presents the circumstances in which the Institute was founded and its activities till 2011.

„With this Monograph I would like not only to rescue from oblivion creators and implementers of KONČAR’s technical and technological achievements, but also show the course of history of applied R&D through photographs and authentic records of the thoughts and decisions of the people who managed KONČAR and made decisions about its existence and development. Most decisions were right, but also there were some completely wrong ones. We must not forget either, because they can help us in making our decisions in the future.“

prof. dr. Stjepan Car, author of the Monograph.

Full text is available in Croatian.