Walk-In Climate Chamber

Climatic chamber for large machines

Being one of the largest in Europe, our walk-in climatic chamber offers a wide range of accredited test methods according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

Specifically designed for large machines, it is a perfect facility for testing equipment that can be found in a variety of industries.



Why do you need it?

Environmental influence and corrosion resistance tests are required for almost every new product on the market. Most commonly, tests are carried out according to the following standards:

  • EN 60068-2-1 (cold),
  • EN 60068-2-2 (dry heat),
  • EN 60068-2-11 (salt fog),
  • EN 60068-2-14 (temperature change),
  • EN 60068-2-30 (cyclical heat),
  • EN 60068-2-52 (cyclic salt fog),
  • EN 60068-2-78 (damp heat).

Customers can also demand testing according to their specific requirements.


Our walk-in climatic chamber offers the following accredited methods:

  • EN 60068-2-1 – cold tests
  • EN 60068-2-2 – dry heat tests
  • EN 60068-2-14 – change of temperature tests
  • EN 60068-2-30 – damp heat cyclic tests
  • EN 60068-2-78 – damp heat, steady-state

We can provide research&development and prototype tests according to the same or similar methods, depending on the customer’s needs.
Other accredited test methods are available in our smaller climatic chambers

Laboratory Center of KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute is accredited by the Croatian Accreditation Agency (HAA) in accordance with HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the scope of tests specified in the Accreditation Certificate No. 1035 and the scope of calibration specified in the Accreditation Certificate No. 2057, covered by EA-MLA.

Technical capabilities

The chamber has a variety of AC/DC power sources and passive loads, which allows the simulation of the actual working conditions of the tested equipment.

Walk-in climatic chamber characteristics


  • Interior dimensions: 4,9 × 3,3 × 3,25 m
  • Workspace volume: 50 m 3
  • Temperature range: -55 °C to +100 °C
  • Max change: 0.1-0.5 °C/min
  • Relative humidity: 10-100%
  • Max Load weight: 5000 kg
  • The platform on rails for easier maneuvering with objects
  • Multiple AC/DC power sources up to 400 kW
  • Multiple passive loads
  • other equipment (exhaust pipes, water pipes, etc.)

Test facilities and laboratory equipment

  • source AC 440V, 50/60Hz, 400kW
  • source AC 300A, 760V
  • source DC 600V – 4200V, 200kW
  • source 1ph AC 25kV, 50Hz, 1MVA
  • 60 kVA regenerative grid simulator (CHROMA 61860), intended for GCC testing; characteristics: 1ph/3ph, output voltage 0-300Vac, output frequency up to 100Hz; voltage dips, short interruption, and LVRT simulation; arbitrary voltage waveform synthesis
  • solar array simulator, adjustable I-V characteristic, 0-1000Vdc, 0-210A, 210kW
  • 400kW load (DC rotating machine), 1500/3000rpm
  • R/L water load
  • back-to-back converter testing
  • accredited EMC laboratory
  • large walk-in climate chamber (4900 x 3300 x 3200 mm, -45 – + 100°C).

Focus equipment


  • Power electronics
  • Railway equipment and applications
  • Transformers
  • Rotating machines
  • Automotive equipment
  • and more…

Common products tested:

  • Train propulsion converter (1500 kg)
  • Tram propulsion converter (320 kg)
  • Nuclear powerplant control cabinet
  • Measurement transformer combined U/I (550 kg)
  • Train pantograph (3.2 m)
  • Railway crossing half-barriers
  • and more…

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