Measurements of 5G frequency bands in Osijek

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According to the action plan of the European Commission, Osijek has been selected as the first city in Croatia where a 5G network will be built and put into commercial operation. To reduce concerns about the impact of 5G technology on citizens’ health and the environment, we conducted a measurement of 5G frequency bands with our system of permanent monitoring of electromagnetic field radiation – MEP.

The results of measurements that began on June 24, 2020, are available for inspection by the City Administration of Osijek and show that the radiation values of the frequency ranges of the 5G network are within the permitted values prescribed by the Regulations for protection against electromagnetic fields.

As an autonomous system that can be installed at any location, MEP allows the measurement of electromagnetic field radiation of all important frequency ranges. With the help of a user-friendly software application, insight into the measurement results can be available to interested citizens, ie the local community from the area where the measurements are conducted. Given the doubts related to the security of the 5G network in the living and working environment, city and local governments, with the help of our solution, can reduce the concerns of their citizens and give them a sense of security.