Expert motor condition monitoring

Electrical motors can be found in every production process where they power a large number of applications.

Process industries such as cement production, mining, and oil & gas experience large financial losses if critical equipment stops working, and utilizing the motors maximally is an important task of asset managers.

Because industries demand from motors to operate in the harshest conditions, there are many issues that cause motors to stop working and increase maintenance costs for the operators.

Expert condition monitoring system (EMCM) is a tailor-made, online solution for large and medium voltage synchronous motors. The system measures the most important motor values and allows plant personnel to get full insight into motor health.

Thanks to its high level of modularity, almost any motor value can be measured and integrated with monitoring values of the gearbox and end application (e.g. pump, fan, turbine, e.c.).

The advanced options built into the system help planning maintenance periods and while achieving lower inventory, overhaul, and labor costs. Armed with a complete insight into critical applications, asset managers can predict their lifetime and health.


  • centrifugal compressors
  • centrifugal pumps
  • fans and cooling systems
  • steam turbines
  • stand-alone motor monitoring in general industry


  • full range of electromechanical values that are monitored (vibrations, displacement, temperature, process values, air gap, speed of rotation and others)
  • cloud software with no program installation required
  • integration of multiple applications in a single user screen
  • on-site and on-line real-time monitoring
  • expert analysis of the values
  • easy connection using industrial communication protocols
  • advanced tools for early fault detection

Advanced elements

  • fault detection – using our in-house method we detect failures at an early stage and focus on critical machine part with no special diagnostic equipment required
  • machine efficiency calculation – advanced software calculates machine efficiency using real-time information to set optimal machine inputs that result with maximized output
  • smart trending – the unique feature uses advanced algorithms that predict point when a failure will occur, which makes it ideal for optimized maintenance planning
  • automated reporting – automatically delivered reports on a weekly/monthly basis showing machine status and indicating abnormal values.

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