High Voltage Switchgear

High Voltage Bay Monitoring System (BMS) continuously gathers and stores the data about the state of the switchgear apparatus (disconnectors, circuit breakers, instrument transformers) which provides condition-based maintenance.

Gathered data can be shown in a trend and waveform graph, which gives a unique view of system state over time. The information enables to see the deteriorating state of apparatuses.

The monitoring system provides incipient fault detection and with data analysis, it is possible to extract the information about the root cause of the fault.

Data access is available through a web browser which makes access relatively easy anytime, anywhere.

The online bay monitoring technique has become a driver for remarkable improvements in both reliability and cost efficiency (condition-based maintenance). The tailor-made structure enables configuration according to the customer requirements.

The Bay Monitoring System also increases the protection of the environment and personnel safety.


Bay Monitoring System Interface and Bay Monitoring System Alarms