Other monitoring solutions

We offer solutions for specific problems and address issues that our customers couldn’t solve in the past. Besides standard systems, we also offer monitoring with a focus on specific parameters or critical equipment parts. Thanks to the expert knowledge of our platform and its modularity it is possible to leverage the know-how on other solutions.

Load Angle & Power Measurement System (LA&P)

The system enables direct measurement of the generator load angle based on key phasor and measurement of electrical values on the generator (active and reactive power, power factor, current, and voltages).

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Rotor Winding Fault Detection Sensor

The solution enables the detection of inter coil short circuits in rotor excitation winding inside the machine air gap with a considerably higher price/performance ratio than other similar systems.

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System for Turbine Generator Excitation Winding Shorted Turns Detection

The system performs an analysis of the magnetic field inside the machine air gap for better asset management and reliable monitoring of the machine.

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System for Detection of Excitation Winding Shorted Turns in Hydro Generator

By analyzing the magnetic field inside the machine air gap, the system provides users with information on potential shorted turn in real-time.

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Fault Detection Smart Sensor

The system detects the most common faults in induction motors: rotor cage damage, winding inter-coil short circuits, and eccentricity. This innovative product detects faults with the highest resolution thanks to the new method that processes the signal obtained from the air gap, where faults are most visible and easiest to detect.

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