Small hydro condition monitoring

The production of electrical energy in hydro power plants is exposed to constant stress caused by the starts, stops and partial loading of the turbines. This process inevitably results in fatigue and equipment damage. A properly installed condition monitoring system helps avoid or at least reduce damage from the day-to-day operation of the machine. 

Hydro turbines are especially vulnerable to number of parameters that constantly reduce their life time. Due to mechanical forces, material destruction, mechanical contusions, large differences in temperature, cavitation, corrosion, chemical forces, etc. various types of damage can develop. 

Small hydro condition monitoring (SHCM) is a solution specifically designed for small hydro plants. The system is designed to measure all key parameters and prolong the life span of small hydro plants. Equipped with most important features for optimized hydro plant management, the solution is cost efficient and helps preserve continuous production of energy that is a crucial source of power in many areas.

  • Absolute and relative shaft vibrations
  • Speed of rotation
  • Valve, passage, cylinder displacement
  • Static oil pressure
  • Temperature
  • Any other value of interest – air gap, process values, etc.

  • measurement of key parameters according to customer’s specific needs
  • can be upgraded to large hydro plants with complex measurements​
  • system can be integrated with other systems like SCADA using standard industrial communication
  • integration of multiple user accounts into one user application
  • cloud base software with remote access using standard Internet browsers
  • applicable to all types of existing and new small hydro plants 
  • cost effective


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