Self powered wireless rotor protection

Measuring values directly on a machine rotor can detect major problems in progress, but retrieving these data is a huge challenge. Not only it is necessary to assure continuous power source for the measuring device, but it is also required to transfer the data to the end user. 

Large and expensive rotor issues such as winding failures can be effectively monitored using Wireless Rotor Protection (WRP). The system is based on three advanced concepts:

  1. Self powering of the monitoring device and sensors using Energy Harvester® directly on the machine rotor
  2. Detection of machine fault using special sensors and fault detection method
  3. Wireless distribution of the obtained data to the end user

WRP system is a complete solution for monitoring of mechanical, electromagnetic and heat values of the rotor. This includes magnetic field, rotor temperature, excitation current and voltage of the rotor, etc. The solution can be equally effective used with synchronous and asynchronous rotating machines. Thanks to the direct monitoring on the machine rotor, the data obtained has a high degree of reliability and can be easily interpreted to diagnose large failures in the early stage of development.

  • early fault and issues detection
  • measurement of key rotor values directly on the machine rotor (temperature, excitation, magnetic flux)
  • applicable to machines without excitation
  • easy installation and data transfer
  • prevention of expensive rotor issues


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