System Smart Environment delivered to A1 Slovenia

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The company A1 Slovenija has launched its first 5G base station. The base station utilizing 5G technology allows A1 testing the current capabilities of its network and assess any potential impacts of this technology on the environment.

A solution Smart Environment, created in cooperation with our partner Smart Sense, was selected to test the environmental impact of the base station.

Smart Environment is a system that allows permanent monitoring of electromagnetic field radiation and analysis of air quality.

In the real-time, the Smart Environment system measures and processes the level of electromagnetic fields in a predefined frequency range, monitors the temperature, humidity, 5 types of gases, 3 types of particles, and includes all the parameters needed to calculate an air quality index (AQI), which is a relevant indicator of air quality.

Smart Environment provides easy access to monitoring results through a customized application.

Display of cumulative measured values of electromagnetic field radiation

Display of measured air quality values