About us

The Institute has 3 major business activities:

Research and development

The Institute follows trends and invests in research and development in order to lead the way in the application of state-of-the-art technologies related to the production program of KONČAR companies and improve its own proprietary solutions for the global market.

Proprietary solutions

The advanced technical solutions of the Institute are the result of many years of experience and knowledge gained in the area of ​​power equipment and transport. Monitoring systems enable better management of primary power equipment and risk management. Our proprietary HW/SW platforms allow a longer life span of products.

Diagnostics, testing, and certification

The Institute has 13,000 m2 of office and laboratory space. The Laboratory Center consists of eight laboratories accredited for numerous test methods in accordance with the requirements of international standards and technical specifications. Laboratory Center is accredited following the requirements of HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025, which confirms its independence and competence in providing laboratory and on-site tests.

Business and investments in 2020

Since its reorganization in 1991, the Institute has been operating steadily and positively in the areas of power and transport, despite ongoing challenges and new trends. Its economic growth is based on top R&D services, competent and well-equipped laboratories, and competitive advanced information technology-based IT solutions.

The Institute participates in research, development, testing, supervision, and expertise on a large number of KONČAR Group projects. It also plays an important role in the development of key electronic components. In addition to supporting KONČAR companies, the Institute’s experts provide development and testing for foreign customers on a global level.

In 2020, despite limitations, revenues from some diagnostic and field testings were higher than planned and the revenue from the Laboratory Center services increased. The most important export products and services were laboratory testing of HV equipment, monitoring systems for transformers, bushings, and rotating machines, and development services in the field of safety-critical embedded computer systems. Sales revenue was 9.54 million €, of which 48% was from testing, certification, and diagnostics services, 31% from proprietary solutions, and 21% from research and development.

The Institute is funded exclusively by its own resources and is not exposed to interest rate, credit, and liquidity risks. The Institute’s short-term assets are 8.9 times higher than short-term liabilities, and in short-term assets, 64% include financial assets and cash that, together with open liabilities, after the end of the business year, ensure stable operations of the Institute in the forthcoming period.

Investments in non-current assets amounted to 558,868 euros – 504,441 euros in equipment, and in software 54,426 euros. Investment maintenance of equipment and buildings amounted to 70,356 euros. Investments in education with total eligible costs (tuition fees, registration fees, professional literature, and official trips related to training) amounted to 67,701 euros. The license and maintenance cost of the software was 148,677 euros.

Further investments in equipment procurement are planned in the framework of the refurbishment of the existing and construction of new infrastructure. That will enable the increase of competencies and the expansion of the scope of applied research and development in the areas of power and transport.