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A 12-meter HVDC conductor 500 kV, 4000 A was tested, in a vertical position, at an ambient temperature of 50°C, for a long-term client from Sweden. Due to the large dimensions of the conductors and the complexity of the test, this test method is unique in the world.

The Laboratory Center has been re-accredited to provide calibration services with the transition to the requirements of the new standard HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017. With this accreditation, the Calibration Laboratory and the High-Voltage Laboratory also cover the activity of calibration of measurement standards, electrical measuring instruments, and high voltage measuring systems.

The institute is accepted in the IECEE CB (Certification Body) scheme, which means that the test reports of the Laboratory Center and the certificates of our certification body (SCERT) in the field of safety of electrical and electronic products are internationally recognized and are part of the global laboratory system.

Monitoring of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields at three Končar locations allows informing employees about the levels of electromagnetic radiation in the work environment. The Končar Group thus became the first large company in Croatia to offer its employees an objective and reliable comparison with the permitted radiation levels prescribed by the Regulations for protection against electromagnetic fields

A test of the transformer conductor by heating with a current of 25 kA was performed in the Laboratory Center, for the customer from Sweden. The innovative test method was developed independently and significantly expands the existing possibilities of testing with heating current max. 10 kA.

Increasing the number of test methods in the field of power equipment keeps pace with the specific customer requirements. The Laboratory Center has successfully conducted a complex and risky test of the junction box for internal arc failure, which required lengthy preparations and great expertise, because during such tests often a large amount of energy is released.

The automated system for research and development testing of high-voltage insulation materials enables accelerated aging of insulation samples, control of humidity, temperature, and independent control of voltage testing. Such a complex testing system enables the market competitiveness of some products of the Končar Group.

Photovoltaic power plant Vis was put into operation with a large contribution from the Institute, which participated in the development and delivery of KonSol electronic energy converters. The solution enables parallel connection of several inverters and connection to the distribution network, which achieves functionality without an additional on-site substation and reduces energy conversion losses.

Monitoring systems for generators and transformers installed at HPP Gojak enable systematic monitoring of the condition of capital equipment for the prevention of failures and maintenance planning. Monitoring systems are based on the latest web technologies and allow remote access from any computer or mobile device.

A development project to upgrade a high-voltage motor for a well-known South Korean company has begun. The first phase included diagnostic tests of the existing engine, as well as the expert application of the most modern tools for numerical analysis in the field of mechanics, electromagnetism, heat transfer, and fluid dynamics.

Completion of development and the first delivery of the new generation of the main control and visualization system for the Latvian tramway. As part of the project, for the first time, a compact dual driver-machine interface was installed in the tram vehicle.

The contract for the delivery of the MCM monitoring system for 8 pipe aggregates at HPP Chashma, Pakistan, marked Končar’s return to the Pakistani market after more than 60 years (HPP Gujrunwalla, 1957).


The first KONČAR MCM monitoring system for hydro aggregates in Romania was put into operation at the Dimitri Leonidas Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP). In addition to continuous monitoring and support of the protection function, the system also supports advanced diagnostic capabilities by pointing out possible causes of problems in the operation of the unit.

KONČAR MEP systems for monitoring electromagnetic fields are installed in five Croatian cities. With an on-line display of measurement results and actual values of electromagnetic field radiation, it increases the feeling of safety and protection of citizens’ health.

Calibration of the high voltage measuring systems for measuring impulse voltages up to 2400 kV, for the French manufacturer in the laboratory of the end-user in Zurich.

A single-core high-voltage cable of nominal voltage 76/132 (145) kV, with aluminum conductor Ø 1200 mm² was tested in our Laboratory Center. Extensive type tests consisted of 18 different testings with a total duration of 6 weeks.

The Laboratory Center was formally presented with the Certificate of Accreditation of the Croatian Accreditation Agency, which confirmed the independence and expertise in providing laboratory and field testing services.

The certification body SCERT was re-accredited according to the requirements of the standard HRN EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013.

A Laboratory Center has been established. It consists of eight laboratories under a single accreditation according to the requirements of the standard HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2017, which enables testing services in one place based on a one-stop testing approach.

At the city hall in Sveta Nedelja were presented the results of several months of measurements with the electromagnetic field monitoring system MEP.


Launched a pilot project for continuous measurement of non-ionizing EM fields in cities across Croatia using its own solution for monitoring electromagnetic fields – MEP. Sveta Nedelja is the first Croatian city that, by setting up the MEP system, provided citizens with online insight into the measurement results and permanent monitoring of EM field measurements.

The Laboratory for magnetic measurements has started operating. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for measuring the properties of magnetic materials used in rotary machines and the transformer industry.

Commissioning of the photovoltaic power plant at the location of KONČAR – Power Transformers with a power of 1 MWp, designed, realized, and delivered by the Institute, including its inverters of the KonSol 200 series.

In cooperation with several laboratories of the Institute, a series of tests of ship navigation equipment of the Italian manufacturer Navico were carried out according to the standards EN 60945 and RMRS rules. Performed tests: EMC, vibration, climate, safe distance from compass installation, and several safety checks in case of improper use.

The High Voltage Laboratory successfully conducted tests for customers from Italy, Croatia, Sweden, and Iran.


Shaft Current and Voltage Protection relay – KONČAR SCVP is put into operation as part of the replacement of a total of six excitation systems at the Dinorwig Hydroelectric Power Station in the United Kingdom.

Renovated large walk-in climatic chamber with a volume of 50m³, which allows testings at temperatures from -55 °C to 100 °C.

Development of SILx (Safety Integrity Level) hardware and software solutions for a partner from Germany.

Procurement of materials testing machine for the Laboratory for Mechanical and Technological testing, declared accuracy 0.5, with the possibility of testing according to the standard HRN EN ISO 6892 method A1. It is the only one in Croatia that meets these very strict requirements.

The High Power Laboratory tested the internal arc failure to which measuring transformers, switchgear, and gas-insulated shielded plants are subjected, according to the standards IEC 61869-1, IEC 61869-3, IEC 61869-4, IEC 62271-200 and IEC 62271-203.

Launched project “SafeTRAM – System for increased driving safety in public urban rail traffic”. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion. The project partner is the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing – Zagreb. The project lasts until 2020.

Development of a new generation of control systems in locomotives.


Accreditated Laboratory for Noise and Vibration according to HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards and extended accreditation area of the High-Voltage Laboratory.

Inspection Body for Measuring Equipment is accredited, according to HRN EN ISO/IEC 17020.

The first Central PV Inverter – KonSol-200 was delivered. KonSol is a high power, three phase central inverter for photovoltaic (PV) powerplants with up to 200 kW output power.


Accreditated Laboratory for Mechanical and Technological Testing according to HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards

Croatian Accreditation Agency – HAA recognises the competence of SCERT according to the standard HRN EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013.

Supply of chamber with absorbers, for testing larger devices with electronic and energy components, in accordance with technical directives and standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Extended accreditation area of the High-Voltage Laboratory and High-Power Laboratory.

A new generation of proprietary central computer solution for diesel-electric trains. 


Completion of the development of KONČAR Bushing Insulation Monitor – BIM, that provides insight into bushing insulation condition while the transformer is online.

Many investigations show that bushing failure is one of the most common causes of transformer failure – causing severe damages also to other substation equipment.

Notification of KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute by European Commission as Notified Body NB 2494 for 7 Directives.


Completion of the development SCVP, a shaft current and voltage protection relay.

KONČAR Electrical machine black box – EMBB detects asynchronous operation, incorrect synchronization, significant asymmetry, two-phase operation, overloading, overheating, increased vibrations, run-out.

Completion of HW/SW development for the safety device for railway-road crossings – KLC3, with the highest safety integrity level. 

The device has the Safety integrity level 4 (SIL4) under EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129. 

A new generation of power transformer monitoring systemKONČAR TMS – based on proprietary HW/SW platform.

Decades of experience in transformer research, development and on-site diagnostics as well as a field-proven industrial hardware platform are integrated in KONČAR TMS – a state-of-the-art monitoring and diagnostic system.


Testing of a prototype of diesel-electric multiple train, for which the Institute has developed power converter for traction and auxiliary drives, and control and communication systems.


Celebrating 50 years of the Institute.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the first Institute, and the 20th anniversary of the newly founded Institute, the monograph 50 Years of Applied Scientific Research and Development in Electrical Engineering by Stjepan Car was issued.


Putting into operation the Institute’s proprietary wind turbine control system.

Delivery of autonomous hybrid power supply system for telecom base stations (Hybrid Box) integrating solar energy, wind and hydrogen.


Putting into the operation HV switchgear bay monitoring system.


Completion of the Croatian version prototype of electric multiple train, for which the Institute has developed power converter for traction and auxiliary drives, and control and communication systems.


Accreditation of Certification Service – SCERT.

Putting into operation fuel cell cogeneration plant fuelled by natural gas.

OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate for the occupational health and safety management system.


Delivery of the first monitoring system for hydro power plant.


Delivery of the first power transformer monitoring system.

Delivery of the first low-floor tramway, for which the Institute has developed vital control and communication systems and power converters for traction and auxiliary drives.


Putting into operation the first helium liquefying facility.

Commencement of accreditation of a series of Institute’s laboratories.


ISO 14001:1996 certificate for the environmental management system.


Commencement of research in the field of renewable energy sources.

Statement of Independence of KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute.


The first accreditation certificate was issued to High-Voltage Laboratory.


Delivery of the first four-system converter for passenger cars. This innovation won “Zlatna kuna” Award of the Croatian Chamber of the Economy.


Commencement of the development of control system and auxiliary drive converters for thyristorisation of diode locomotives.

EN ISO 9001:1994 certificate for the quality management system.


Combined instrument transformer was developed in collaboration with KONČAR – Instrument Transformers. The solution was awarded the Annual State Award for Science.


Putting into operation the first excitation system based on the Institute’s proprietary HW/SW platform.


Based on the decision of the Managing Board of the holding KONČAR – Electrical Industry Inc. to found a new Institute, the company KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute Ltd. was registered in the register of companies. The company KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute Ltd. was also registered in the Register of Scientific Organisations of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia.

1961 - 1991

A number of buildings and laboratories were built: Laboratory for Rotating Machines, expanded prototype shop on the ground floor, High Power Laboratory, High Voltage Laboratory. A new building was also built for the Institute with laboratories on the ground floor, and today in it there are premises for the Management, all the services and most departments of the Institute.
The Institute took part in numerous development projects of RADE KONČAR companies.

Experimental and development tests in the laboratories of Electrotechnical Institute in the 80-ies.

Numerous members of the Institute made a considerable contribution to the development of thyristor locomotive.

Mobile test station for transformer diagnostics from the 70-ies.

High Power Laboratory with the equipment for short-circuit tests at low voltage and high powers.

High Voltage Laboratory with test transformer.


Workers‘ Council made the decision to found the institution Electrotechnical Institute of RADE KONČAR Company.

Electrotechnical Institute of RADE KONČAR Company was also registered in the Register of Scientific Institutions of the Council for Scientific Work of the People’s Republic of Croatia.