About us

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the Institute is based on a set of measures of the business policy aimed at the creation of an environment favorable for creativity and innovativeness as well as correct and stimulating relations between all the stakeholders involved in business processes.

Creation of innovative and competitive technical solutions and services, continuous investment in the development, professional improvement of employees, minimization of environmental impact, and care about the community are the pillars of our sustainable operations.

The Institute is a signatory of the Code of Business Ethics of the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

Code of Business Ethics is the basis on which the Institute develops its relations with suppliers, business partners, and all the stakeholders. The Code defines ethical behavior and standards we observe in our work.

In our business practice, we follow the highest ethical standards and build our reputation on expertise, trust, and reliability.

All our employees are obliged to treat all the stakeholders with due care and attention. All employees are encouraged to follow the Code in their work and everyday activities, and the Code covers rules and procedures, guidelines for decision making, and examples of potential ethical dilemmas related to business activities.


Our fundamental values


One of our fundamental values, inherent to all we do. It is ensured by building trust with our customers based on our correct expertise and up-to-date technical solutions.


Our goal is to constantly make improvements, plan future activities, and forecast challenges, keeping excellence, quality, and sustainability.


Decades of experience in applied research and laboratory testing are the basis for the stability and success of our business in the future. There are intense investments in the development of new products and services, training of employees, and construction of new laboratories and refurbishment of the existing ones.


Successful business is based on the knowledge and skills of our employees, superior expertise, professional competence, and correct and impartial assessments.


We are aware of the social and environmental impacts of our actions. We take the greatest possible care of environmental protection, human rights, and occupational health and safety.

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